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Yeah, I haven’t posted anything in a bit (even though I keep working on the same four posts) and given how well my most recent comment from an ongoing discussion occurring on my facebook page came out, I figured that I would share it here. I won’t explain he context as I am sure the comment itself is detailed enough to stand on its own.

“Self-reliance merely means that you take charge of your own life. You make decisions to help better your situation and outlook on life and when you concentrate on making yourself a better person, it extends outward. It is like feeding, clothing and educating the poor and letting their profits and production expand the economy back to a healthy state.

Relying on an outside source of any kind can only lead to suffering and relapses into negative behavior as you, in a sense, become addicted on that outside source. You rely on it to succeed, survive, feel good about yourself. And not only does it damage you; it turns you into a parasite feeding off of the one or thing that is sustaining you.

This is why relationships are difficult-people lapse into needing one another and wind up abusing each other emotionally. And when the other person is God…well, it really does depend on how much faith you have, because if you NEED God and lose faith, you do feel like you have nothing.

When it comes to Karla and I, however, we never established any sort of connection with a supernatural being and so we feel no need for it-which leaves only our abilities to reason on this subject. And reason pretty much rules, if there is no evidence for the existence of an invisible man/creator/god, then why is it necessary to believe in it? We don’t gain anything by assuming that something that may or may not exist exists so why do we NEED it? Do we NEED it?

The answer is no, we don’t we are no dependent on God to feel happy and content in our lives and so we can live our lives on our own, without a god. We are not losing anything other than another relationship in which we would be a parasite feeding off something else.

Karla and I will likely live out our lives alone and yet we will never truly be lonely, because we are learning not to allow our happiness to depend on whether an external force is around. That is the true cause of loneliness and I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in becoming addicted to anything ever again-not another person, a drug/substance/an occurrence/God.

I hope this clears up any remaining confusion.”


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Marxist, feminist, LGBT advocate, aspiring Literary writer, unhinged from reality as it may be and ecstatic adorer of Speculative Fiction.


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