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Directed by David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, Moon is a Sci-Fi drama that emulates 2001, Silent Running, Outland, Solaris and Alien while remaining its own story. One of the of the most impressive facts about this film is that is was produced on a $5 million budget. Now the idea that this film was produced … Continue reading

Flight of the Concords

Carol Brown, Hiphopopotamus VS Rhymenocerous, If You’re into it, Albi, Business Time Above are links to five of the Flight of the Concords’ greatest works(the last of which links directly to my youtube channel). If you are not familiar with this parody duo, which often claims to be New Zealand’s former 4th most popular folk … Continue reading

The Hurt Locker

At first glance(at the preview), The Hurt Locker may seem to be another dumb war film, or a dumb war film by the standards set in the past, but once one begins to watch this piece of cinema, it is almost instantaneously apparent why it is the most critically acclaimed film, gaining a average score … Continue reading