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Sex, kindly fuck off

Just in case you didn’t know, platonic love is real love. We have news sources like to remind of us this fact. Female writers should not write about loose sex relationships, for they would be setting a bad example for the younger generations of girls. Vitriolic sarcasm aside, it is hyperbolic and rather melodramatic to … Continue reading

Your music sucks…

One of those things I have been noticing, and probably you if you live on the same planet as I do, is this mini culture war going between different generations in this country (or maybe all countries). By culture war, I mean *differences in artistic tastes* between older generations and younger generations. This is, by … Continue reading

A little more personal….

This may not be completely evident from what I have posted on this blog so far, or even by what I have stated on my twitter within the mass of tweets I produce on a daily basis, but I stating in now: I don’t love myself. Actually, I am a very self-loathing, self-depracating, depressed to … Continue reading