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Your music sucks…

One of those things I have been noticing, and probably you if you live on the same planet as I do, is this mini culture war going between different generations in this country (or maybe all countries). By culture war, I mean *differences in artistic tastes* between older generations and younger generations.

This is, by no stretch of the imagination, new or shocking, but it is one thing and it has been that one thing for centuries or even many millenia: ancient. It is something of a tradition, you know tradition- that pre-progressive bullshit- for the older generation(s) to put down the aesthetic tastes, primarily music tastes, of the younger generation and for the younger generation to reflexively do the same back. And, yes, it does go in that order.

I have two major issues with this, the latter of which I will be focusing on and the former I will simply address. One of the problems I have with this culture/generation tradition is that it is generally started by the older generation…the one that is always demanding respect; the one that is supposedly wiser, supposedly more mature. And yet when the elder person hears the younger person’s tunes, they generally resort to demanding it to be turned off and claiming that it *isn’t music*.

Farbeit for me to be facetious, but I never realized that music is or ever was strictly defined and that anything that doesn’t fit a given description isn’t music. Hell, I never realized that any of the arts function that way. But, then again, in the words of the woman to whom I am pet, I am “just a baby.” And I am sure that I will be encountering more genius *traditions* of our culture.

Beyond that point, although this gripe is related to this first, when the hell do people get it into their heads that their opinion is objective truth? When do people starting thinking *I like this, therefore it is what is good*? Notice, I inserted *it is what is good* and not *it is good*. I can understand a small child thinking that the first thing they were exposed to is grand, but grown adults with kids of their own (or not if they are asexual or simply down want kids)? Do people really stayed locked in their own little worlds their entire lives?

I guess it is the blatant anti-progressive unwillingness to explore new things that bothers me. Now, I know I sound intolerant (and intolerance itself rather equates to anti-progressiveness), but I am not the kind of person who will keep their mouth shut when they really want to scream at the people arguing around them. (Count it against my femininity, if you will, but that makes you prescriptive in your viewpoint of how woman are supposed to act.) I don’t care if people agree with me, I just have to state my viewpoint before this endless chain of idiocy continues trucking along. …And I know that is a judgment.

Countless times, I have seen people who were young people in the 70s or 80s bash the music of later generations (and vice versa), usually resulting in both sides stating that crap came of the opposite’s decade. Many time older generations claim that the current generation’s vocalists can’t sing and the music itself is just noise or is uninspired which provokes a generally snarkier comment from the younguns. Interestingly enough, the palate which each generation is pop music or some variation of it-the “genre” which in most cases is home to the more *uninspired* artists, instead of lesser known artists who often have a wider array of influences.

So when does music appreciation turn into “I’m right, you’re wrong” and why do people not try to avoid it? is it really so damn important to be the person with the right taste?

I guess I should end this post with a revelation of my personal tastes, for those who are dying to know. I am including three links to songs that together give you a basic idea of the range of my musical tastes. Only one of these artists is one that I consider to be of my top favorites, but they all appeal to me to some degree:

Song 1
Song 2
Song 3


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2 thoughts on “Your music sucks…

  1. I agree. Nobody has to agree on what music is best, because there is no right answer, but saying something “is not music” is out of line.

    What bugs me is when people smash artists like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus–I do not like either of those artists music, but I respect them. I do not understand why people who dislike them do not simply leave them alone.

    Posted by Lizi Zachary | August 19, 2010, 9:58 PM
  2. I have reviewed: The Taken by Sarah Pinborough

    One reason for that Children is that I can do the same. Not write but come up with at least one idea using the title and apply it to my own genious.

    The Taken.

    I have pulled this off for a number of years. Sliding my way through sessions of bull*&^& while managing to spotlight myself and not even break a sweat. Therefore my Children, I can say “The Taken” is a perfect title for anyone that has seen my performances through the haze of brownish-green I so capably spray. However, anyone from a stand-off distance that realizes I do not hold the patent on distress and such can see through this putrid mask that manages to, once applied, to hold on to anyone that has been once blinded and therefore I call those: The Taken..

    The Grand Master

    Posted by Will | October 16, 2010, 11:38 PM

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