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From ze face!

Yeah, I haven’t posted anything in a bit (even though I keep working on the same four posts) and given how well my most recent comment from an ongoing discussion occurring on my facebook page came out, I figured that I would share it here. I won’t explain he context as I am sure the … Continue reading

Your music sucks…

One of those things I have been noticing, and probably you if you live on the same planet as I do, is this mini culture war going between different generations in this country (or maybe all countries). By culture war, I mean *differences in artistic tastes* between older generations and younger generations. This is, by … Continue reading

It’s not stalking….

If there is one thing that seems to be a daily-I mean, “recurring” thing with me, it is that I get bored easily. I mean very easily. I am essentially child. I think that I am cuter than I actually am; I have too much time to myself to let my “imagination” run free; I … Continue reading