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Why I love China Mieville…

“Genre readers, China admits, are the ‘most rigorous. They would say the book cheated if it did not strictly adhere to rules, which I find a fascinating concept. How can a book cheat?'”-taken from China’s recent article in The Hindu.

This made me laugh when I read it. And it is so true. Something I have noticed about people who work in the field of genre fiction is that they are really tight-assed about what the stories about and sticking to one specific genre and if someone deviates from said genre or genre jumps they are unskilled….

This bothers me. People making rules for how CONTENT should be handled bothers me.

The content of a story should flow straight from the artist, unmanipluated and without care for what “genre” it fits into. To butcher and fuck up a story to force it stay within the parameters of one genre or to force one’s self to write a story a certain way…is beyond my comprehension.

Honestly, how can anyone butcher their own story? The butchering should be done to HOW THE STORY IS WRITTEN, NOT THE STORY ITSELF! The things that some people do to their own brainchildren just shocks me. Who cares if the story incorporates elements of several different genres? Who cares if the story is undefinable? Isn’t that THE POINT?

Excuse me for being young and relentless, but I see the point as self-expression, not riffing off of what is safe. That is what I aim for: to be my own kind of artist, to write my own kind of work, to not be categorized and forgotten (I have personal issues). I don’t care if I fit into guidelines or say what is acceptable, but only to express myself as effectively and professionally as I can.

China Mieville, although somewhat aims to obey SOME rules set in place for each genre, really does his own thing. He writes what he wants to write how he feel like writing it and nothing else matters.

(I may add more to this post in the future…)

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