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“You don’t have to be a Prostitute.”

This post most likely will not cover any thing that has not already been thought or communicated before in a blog or news source. However, I shall cover all of the succeeding points, because I have a question I am honestly dying to receive an answer to, a coherent, cohesive answer. I need an answer that will make me understand, because, lovelies and other people out there, I don’t fucking understand.

I am not a genius. I am not a rocket scientist. I will never dream up a way to unite humanity, despite or in spite of all of its bullshit. Yeah, I am mundane at best. But I have never had much trouble grasping things. Actually, there are only a handful of things, behaviors and beliefs and mindsets in this world that I am simply incapable of comprehending: one of those mindsets is the hatred towards another person based on their skin color. I am incapable of understanding the logic behind that.

The thing, or rather law, I shall challenge in this post is something that never made sense to me, even when I was a bigoted, sexist little shit only a few years back(No one is born a feminist/Marxist/trans/sarcastic/kind person and neither was I). I want to know, I want to understand; I want to understand why it makes sense to other people, if it even does make sense to them. Why, why, why, why, why is prostitution illegal? Why is prostitution illegal? Someone must explain it to me. I may just not have the mental capacity; I might just not have the ability to think on such a high, moral level; I may just be too damaged from the times my father dropped me headfirst on the sidewalk as a baby. Perhaps it is all three, because I just don’t fucking get it.

Why is prostitution illegal? Is it because of morality? Is that what we are basing are legislature on? Well, if so, then what is the morality we are basing it on? What all is implied under this system of morality? Who’s morality is it? Who is the one who gets to decide which system of morality is better than everyone else’s? How did this person earn the right to decide what is best for everyone else in the fucking country? Why didn’t someone with a viewpoint that makes more sense earn the right to decide which system of morality we all must submit to?

How could the purchase of sexual favors be immoral? Who was it that decided that? Who is the one who I should recommend to get off the throne so someone more understandable can take charge? What is immoral about having sex for money? Both people involved get what they want. The buyer, John or Jane, gets their fix for the time being, and the whore gets their momentary sex fix and money they very well may need dearly. What is immoral about that? It is natural to desire sex and, in a decent percentage of situations, it harms neither of the people involved. If no one is being harmed, what is the real issue?

Why do people transcribe to these commandments of being sexually faithful/celibate so strongly? What does it achieve? Why is being a whore a negative thing when offering one’s daughters to save a couple angels from rape is perfectly acceptable? Why is ok to be the Pimp, the Master, the Man and not the whore? I don’t understand. I must be deficient in some way. I have to say, it sounds awfully sexist to me.

Well, say it’s not morals? Then what is it? Does it have something to do with the Government? Is it bad simply because the IRS can’t come chasing after every pairing of people who engage in the buying and selling of sexual favors? Is our nation really that fucking petty?

There are massive businesses racking large amounts of income. There are films breaking non-adjusted for inflation records and raking in billions of dollars in profit. The recent economic downturn to the side, this country is very much a commerce country. We buy and sell within our own borders as well as across the seas and have a generally steady flow of funds circulating within the system to and through the Government. The amount of currency that rides this flow every year is beyond staggering. You mean to tell me that the big boys actually give a shit about 100-500 dollars that is made during a session? Is that what this country is? …And people scream the word Socialism as if it is an indicator of a return to tyranny….

Is it to maintain social order? Is that what everyone believes in? Truly is that what all of the “normal” people believe in? Tell me, when has the United States been united in any other sense than that we are all different and hate each other? This is a country that was created so people could close themselves of from one another so they could in their own little world in their own little way. There is no unity other than the unity of no unity.

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s good mood, but the fact of the matter is law is superfluous. We can set in place as many ideal and standards as we wish, but people are going to do as they wilt. People who wish only to have sex to procreate will be faithful and those who don’t want to be, won’t. This is humanity people. We do whatever the fuck we choose, no matter what illusion of order and structure we impose on our existence so WHY is Prostitution illegal? The idea that prostitution will reign down chaos is just mind-numbing. I don’t if I would be able to make it through the day if I tried to think like that.

Is there any reason for this insanity(yes, I used the word-sue me)? Is the majority fucking over those of us who have stronger, more intense sex drive for no reason whatsoever? Am I living in a world that does not even attempt to reason why things are as they are, to actually understand why everything prescribed has been prescribed as such? …if so, I am very lonely…

Now I end this post with this: I truly do not understand and until someone explains it to me clearly and effectively, I will not understand. I am may be insane or deviant by society’s standards, but I know that in no state of mind I have ever experienced have I ever believed or thought there was anything wrong with having sex for money. Now please note that one of the people I love the most in this world is a prostitute so I do have a strong bias towards the legalization of prostitution. If your aim is to make me abandon my wicked ways, don’t even bother, because I can put the wall, too. Believe it or not, I don’t like hearing bigoted speech that is based on nothing more than what is stated in one source.

And I urge you to not use whore as an insult or attach a negative meaning to it.

About austurias

Marxist, feminist, LGBT advocate, aspiring Literary writer, unhinged from reality as it may be and ecstatic adorer of Speculative Fiction.


6 thoughts on ““You don’t have to be a Prostitute.”

  1. I share you point of view. Just a note: I don’t know where you live (I landed here trought twitter) but prostitution is legal in many western countries (ex Italy) who is doing an illegal job are the Pimps.

    Posted by Frankie | February 20, 2010, 3:24 AM
    • I live in Florida and I am farily certain that very few around where I live share my opinion.

      It is frustrating that the US is still holding onto this oddball idealism. It makes me wonder if we “Americans” will ever learn.

      Posted by austurias | February 20, 2010, 8:51 AM
  2. I don’t understand either.

    In conversations, the answer that has has come to me most frequently is that people believe prostitution is wrong because their G-d tells them it is wrong, usually through some intermediator such as a priest or some h-ly book.

    I’ve learned not to argue the point that there is nothing beyond our time on earth, since most people shut down immediately upon hearing such a statement. Even taking such a belief at face value, I’ve never had much luck convincing people that the free exchange of sex for money harms no one except those who, like the puritans of years past, sit around worrying that someone, somewhere is having more fun than they are.

    In my life, I’ve tried (and am trying) to base morality around decisions that move us ALL, and the universe, toward peace and love, and happiness based in fulfilling one another’s needs. In such a scheme, a prohibition on prostitution makes utterly no sense. Where is the love in watching the whore have to live in fear every day of her life, fear of violence, of exploitation, of rejection from society as a whole? We need the freedom to be open with who we are and what we need.

    An insistence on monogamous relationships, likewise, makes no sense to me. Yes, some people, maybe even most people, will find satisfaction in a single life partner. That’s fantastic, and I’m thrilled for them. Many people find that they have the capability to satisfy the needs (sexual or otherwise) of more than one person, or that one person cannot satisfy all of their needs. Why should they be alienated for sharing or seeking out love in non-traditional arrangements?

    I’m so glad to have found you. We have much to learn from one another.

    Posted by Anastasia Romanov | February 20, 2010, 8:14 AM
    • I agree, there is much to learn.

      It has always stressed me-hitting that wall when trying to a religious person to recognize the flaws in their beliefs. I guess the ruling class truly does get to decide which moral system we are governed by.

      Posted by austurias | February 20, 2010, 8:47 AM
  3. The problem with prostitution is not that it is practiced (legally or illegally); it is that so many abuses are perpetrated against prostitutes (by pimps and society) and so many ills are perpetuated by the illegality of prostitution (drug us, “white slavery,” destitution) that the people who are most against it really have no idea how much their persecution of the practice ensures that it remains a dirty and disease riddled profession. Personally, I don’t approve of prostitution because so many people are forced into it by circumstance, but I think if it were made legal, that would at least serve to protect the people who do go into the profession from pimps, drugs, disease, and violence. I completely understand why people are against it, the same way I understand the beliefs that encouraged the Prohibition, but just as the Prohibition was a colossal failure, so to is the criminalization of prostitution and certain drugs for that matter. Only by making these things legal can we really protect people from abuses associated with them.

    Posted by harmony0stars | February 20, 2010, 6:28 PM
  4. I’m a relatively new sex-worker, and I think that laws against sex work are immoral. They do far more harm by driving work underground than they do good. There are probably historical reasons, perhaps rooted in attempts to control women’s sexuality that account for why it’s illegal. In today’s society, it’s absurd. Especially so because porn is legal.

    However, just becuase sex-work should be decriminalized doesn’t mean it’s not morally complicated. I think that sex and sexuality are sorely repressed and comercialized in our society. And while I think that even in a free society there is a need for sex as a skilled service, it bothers me that much of the demand for sex-work seems to come out of the clogged, opressive sexual culture we live in.

    People should have easy access to touch and sex. For various reasons, many people either don’t have that access or feel that they don’t, and therefore they purchase sex. I am bothered in two ways: what of people who can’t afford to buy sex? Must they live in a world without touch because they are not deemed attractive enough for bad reasons such as class, ethnicity, gender, age or appearance? I’ve taken money from a sweet 74 year old, and from really nice clients who were concerned about their weight. I needed the money, but I didn’t feel so good about commercializing their access to touch.

    Posted by arjuna | May 4, 2010, 8:38 AM

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