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Directed by David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, Moon is a Sci-Fi drama that emulates 2001, Silent Running, Outland, Solaris and Alien while remaining its own story. One of the of the most impressive facts about this film is that is was produced on a $5 million budget.

Now the idea that this film was produced on such a “low” budget will seem practical enough of a reason to avoid and never even consider watching. That would be a mstake. Moon is quite possibly the best Sci-Fi of 2009 and a very recommendable watch for those who have taken, or will take, the time to see The Hurt Locker. The film stars Sam Rockwell as the protagonist, Sam Bell and Kevin Spacey‘s voice as the emoticon clad robot, Gertie. Both actors carry the weight of the emotion driven film extremely well, made only more incredible by the fact that they probably did not do it for a large paycheck. Both performances are worth the awards they have been nominated for, particularly the The BAFTA’s.

Possibly even more stunning is the fact that this is quite possibly the best looking film set in space ever produced. At no point at all does it ever lose its realism or come off as half-baked or cheezy. The shock of watching the rover drive across the surface of the moon that first time and just how real it looks is enough to warrant buying the blu-ray edition of this film. Even more interesting is that absolutely none of it is CGI. The entire film is masterfully staged to appear to be realistic the entire 97 minutes of its duration.

The direction is, indeed, masterful and concretes Jones as his own artistic identity, separate from his father. The camera work is unobtrusive and captures everything that transpires in the way one feels it should. The minimalistic approach, in many ways, gives the audience the impression of actually being in a real compound that is whole and complete and not just some set. Gertie’s modes of transportation from room to room are believabel and somewhat seamless. The pacing of the film works very well, although the first twenty minutes come off as a little slow.

The music of the film, done by the always amazing Clint Mansell is as minimalistic and moving as the direction and acting and, at the same time, proves that Lux Aeterna is not the only great composition he is capable of writing. The music is haunting, moving, invigorating and, when necessary, disorienting.

There is no true reason to avoid watching this film-it is a definite must see for those who wish to see the best films of 2009.

Licoricey award: 5/5

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