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Flight of the Concords

Carol Brown, Hiphopopotamus VS Rhymenocerous, If You’re into it, Albi, Business Time

Above are links to five of the Flight of the Concords’ greatest works(the last of which links directly to my youtube channel). If you are not familiar with this parody duo, which often claims to be New Zealand’s former 4th most popular folk parody duo, then you watch/listen to these tracks as well as their other works.

From 2007 to early 2009, they had an eponymously titled show that aired on HBO. Unfortunately, in December they announced they would not be doing another season of the show. As well as their music, which stands very strongly on its own, the show is extrememly hilarious due in part to the alternatingly monotone acting of the actors while they go about their day and the over the top ballads and rock songs they burst into whenever something of moderate or more interest occurs.

Overall, their style ranges from spoofing R&B to spoofing hip-hop to spoofing early 70’s rock music to spoofing various pop artists in a very professional, high brow manner. With the exception of a few differences in cultural colloquialisms that may fly right by the casual listener, nearly every song the produce is a hilarious romp that has the audience entertained from beginning to end.

One of the major drawbacks, however, is that nearly every song that was included in the show sounds better on the albums they have released-particularly “I Told You I Was Freaky,” “Carol Brown,” “We’re both in love with a Sexy Lady” and “Sugalumps”-and all of them sound even better when perfomed live. Once one has seen one of their live perfomances, the versions included in the show just seem too bland.

Another drawback is that a few songs included in the show don’t seem to really fit into the situation in which they appear. “Angels” appears in the first episode of the second season after an offhand comment on what could be going on in the sky and “Albi-the racist dragon” just happens to come on while the duo is watching television in episode seven of season one-about racism against New Zealanders.

Oddities and drawbacks aside, Flight of the Concords is a band worth checking out and the eponymous show is as well.

(band)Flight of the Concords-4.5/5
(show)Flight of the Concords-4/5

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